Patchwork Rugs

My living and dining area is a large loft like space that I am working on furnishing.  I am sort of a minimalist, but I wouldn’t say my taste is contemporary.  I want there to be some warmth and sense of history in the room, without the clutter.  I am considering bringing in a patchwork rug to place under my dining area and the two I have looked at are pictured above.   My table is a very dark (almost black) wood with bronze legs.  The first one is the Cadiz Wool Rug from West Elm.  It is shown in a striking Ink color which I love, but I am afraid should be used as an accent.  The second rug I am considering is the Havest Rug in Teal from Stepevi.   The subdued blue shades will anchor the room without screaming color.  Let’s see if I can come to a decision after the table is delivered later this week.

One thought on “Patchwork Rugs

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